Ari Paul

Ari Paul has reported for the Nation, the Guardian, the Forward, the Brooklyn Rail, Vice News, In These Times, Jacobin and many other outlets.


Content by Ari Paul

As media fall for right-wing ‘woke’ hysteria, racial justice advocates are getting pushed to the fringe

Revelation that AT&T helped found OAN shows how business wants to monetize extremism

Tucker Carlson points U.S. conservatives toward European fascism

The top-rated Fox News host has designated Hungary’s anti-democratic leader Viktor Orbán as a role model

In some quarters, leak of billionaires’ tax avoidance provokes more outrage than their non-payment

Centrist and conservative politicians more interested in pursuing who leaked proof billionaires don’t pay taxes than fixing the laws they abuse

After hushing Israel’s critics, conservative Jewish pundits are suddenly concerned about free speech

Jewish right-wing media figures are showing that they love false censorship claims just as much as their Christian Right counterparts

Substack isn’t the disruption it’s marketed as, for both good and ill

Substack and grassroots media platforms are empowering independent opinions, but what the world needs more is producers, editors, and investigators working together to counteract corporate media.

Andrew Cuomo’s COVID reckoning vindicates his progressive critics

The New York governor’s reputation for handling the coronavirus epidemic was always inflated, just as his progressive opponents had said.


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