Aysha Qamar

Aysha Qamar is a staff writer at Daily Kos.


Content by Aysha Qamar

‘You cannot be what you cannot see’: Conservatives ban ‘Girls Who Code’ books

Conservatives continue to demonstrate that they want to limit the options of women and minorities as much as possible

‘Sweeping Campaign to Harass’ Asian Americans: California cops sued for targeted traffic stops

New reports shows even more alarming rate of anti-Asian American Pacific Islander hate crimes, 11,400 incidents

‘The gun industry can no longer hide:’ California law to hold gun makers accountable

Mother who ran into Texas school during shooting says cops are warning her to stop talking

Marc Bernier becomes third right-wing radio host to die of Covid-19 after refusing vaccination

National Republican elites believe in the science of vaccination even if they don’t promote it, but at the local level, vaccine refusal is becoming dangerous


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