Emily Torres

I'm a blogger and podcaster talking about faith deconstruction and topics that affect people who left religious spaces. Currently I use my blog and podcast, as well as Twitter, to speak out about the harm caused by American white evangelical Christianity; including purity culture, anti-LGBTQIA+ theology, clergy abuse, religious trauma, white supremacy, Christian Nationalism and more. In order for America to defeat white supremacy & bigotry, we must first address white evangelicalism's complicity in perpetuating these behaviors. The only way to accomplish that is by embracing pluralism and amplifying marginalized voices.

As someone who grew up inside white evangelicalism (of the charismatic Pentecostal variety) and didn't leave until I was 35 years old, I've done everything from children's ministry, to church administrative work, to leading small groups and ministries, to church finance, to writing small group curriculum. Now I advocate for those who've been abused by those same church systems and doctrine, by making sure our stories are heard so that other survivors of religious trauma know they're not alone.


Content by Emily Torres


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