Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson is a staff writer for Common Dreams.

Content by Jake Johnson

‘What’s there to even discuss?’ Omar says free, universal school meals should be permanent

‘Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas’ petition nears 1 million signatures

‘Tipping point of no return’ feared as Amazon rainforest fires surge

Sanders calls on Democrats to divide spending bills into components to force GOP accountability

After failure of massive Build Back Better Act, Vermont senator advocates passing parts of it individually

Kyrsten Sinema’s support for U.S. Senate filibuster undermines her claims to support voting rights

‘Sinema doesn’t support the voting rights legislation, the filibuster just lets her pretend she does’

Falsehoods about climate change run rampant on Facebook, study finds

Facebook’s refusal to fact-check lies and misinformation about climate change show it is ‘the Big Tobacco of our generation,’ one group says

Fossil fuel lobbyists have a larger presence at COP26 climate conference than any single country

The oil and gas industry—the principal driver of the climate crisis—has more approved delegates at COP26 conference than Brazil

Democratic factions offer differing reasons for McAuliffe loss in Virginia

Party conservatives fault national Democrats for not passing bills while progressives say McAuliffe was a poor candidate

UK, EU continue opposition to global patent waivers for covid vaccines

Doctors Without Borders slams developed countries for ‘hoarding’ covid vaccines, which then go to waste

‘The longer people everywhere remain unprotected, the more lives will be lost and the more likely it is that new and potentially deadlier variants will take hold’

Susan Collins was sure that a Justice Kavanaugh wouldn’t gut Roe, she was wrong

The Maine senator insisted that the future Supreme Court justice considered Roe v. Wade settled law

Since 1978, CEO pay increased 1,322 percent while average workers’ went up just 18 percent

‘CEO compensation grew far faster than compensation of very highly paid workers over the last few decades’

Biden blasted by progressives for refusing to include immigration in filibuster-proof spending bill

Liberal groups accuse the president of deferring to the unelected Senate parliamentarian rather than helping immigrants

Covid-19 Delta variant ‘wreaking havoc’ in countries and communities with low vaccination rates

Spread of highly contagious coronavirus strain underscores importance of maximizing vaccinations

Workers are losing pandemic unemployment benefits, but they still don’t want low-wage jobs

In blow to conservative claims, Missouri’s cut to jobless benefits didn’t boost hiring

Congressional Democrats divided over state and local tax deductions

Progressives oppose removing federal cap on state and local tax deductions, a rare progressive economic policy implemented by Donald Trump

COVID running rampant in developing nations as rich countries hoard vaccine patents, materials

“I think we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. It is beyond horror, what is happening… Yet, this is not yet the worst.”

Study finds Americans often pay more than 400 percent more for prescription drugs than residents of other nations

A new analysis by the Government Accountability Office finds that Americans are paying far more for essential medicines than residents of other nations

Big Pharma’s billions in excess profits could finance COVID vaccines for the entire continent of Africa

Pharmaceutical companies claim to be all about public health, but their prioritizing of payments to investors belies this claim

Congressional Dems miss deadline to repeal last-minute Trump regulation changes

Congressional Republicans proved much more adept at overturning Obama-era regulation changes than Democrats have during Joe Biden’s first days in office

Biden administration ends Trump policy to restrict federal food assistance program

The new president has officially ended a Trump-era policy which allowed states to place work requirements on food assistance programs

Temporarily suspending coronavirus vaccine patents will save millions of lives

The U.S., Canada, and the U.K. are currently blocking a World Trade Organization proposal from India and South Africa to temporarily suspend patent protections for coronavirus vaccines.



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