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Jessica Corbett is a staff writer for Common Dreams


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Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone

Biodiversity risks could persist for decades after global temperature peak

‘Absolutely terrifying’: criminal defense attorneys warn about impacts of Roe reversal

After massive public outcry, IRS ditches plans for facial recognition

Federal lawmakers joined with advocacy groups that argued requiring biometric information to access records online is a “creepy and disturbing strike” at privacy and security

Senate Democrats propose return of ‘talking filibuster’ for voting bills

Schumer: ‘We feel, very simply, on something as important as voting rights, if Senate Republicans are gonna oppose it, they should not be allowed to sit in their office’

New report examines how fossil fuel industry uses elite PR firms to spread climate misinformation

‘A major part of the effort to obstruct climate action involves enhancing the positive public reputation for the fossil fuel companies’

State-level Republicans rolling back voting rights with majority votes, as national Democrats cling to filibuster

Georgia Republicans become latest state GOPers to pass sweeping redistricting rules on a party-line vote

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna accused of lying about federal contributions to Covid-19 vaccine

In patent filing, pharmaceutical giant is trying to have sole ownership of a vaccine that was co-developed with National Institutes of Health scientists, government says

Top congressional Dems still optimistic they can ‘come together’ to pass infrastructure bills

Conservative Dems continue to demand spending less while progressives say they have compromised enough

Facebook cut off accounts of disinformation researchers examining political advertising

Social media giant cited fake concerns over privacy to stop academics from building list of why users were shown specific political ads

New analysis reveals the major impact of the Trump-packed U.S. Supreme Court

‘This Supreme Court is dominated by Trump-appointed justices, with predictably disastrous results for voting rights as well as workers, consumers, and immigrants this term.’

Critics slam South Dakota allowing GOP donor to pay to send troops to U.S. southern border

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has raised questions about private armies in the U.S. after she allowed a used car dealer from Tennessee to finance expenses of South Dakota National Guard soldiers

‘Spy’ couple leveraged big donations to spy on politicians opposed by far-right

New York Times report raises questions about whether far-right activists used illegal funds to make donations to politicians they opposed

Sale of Tribune Publishing means that hedge funds will control half of U.S. daily newspapers

Shareholders of second-largest newspaper chain approve sale to notorious hedge fund Alden Global Capital

Texas bill will make anyone who ‘aids or abets’ an abortion vulnerable to private lawsuits

Conservative Texas politicians are aiming to severely restrict access to abortion while also turning loose ‘vigilante’ lawsuits filed by private citizens

Illinois becomes first state to completely eliminate cash bail

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed a criminal justice bill that eliminates cash bail penalties which disproportionately kept lower-income people in jail before trial.



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