Jim Carroll

By day, Jim Carroll works in the renewable energy industry.  By night, Jim is editor of The Hot Screen, where he mostly discusses U.S. and Oregon politics, with the occasional movie or book review dropped in for kicks.


Content by Jim Carroll

Democratic leaders are finally talking about democracy at risk, but their actions don’t yet match their words

To defeat fascism, you must say its name, and then act accordingly

Democrats haven’t realized that you can’t defend democracy without explaining it

To counter right-wing authoritarianism, the center-left must articulate a broad vision of a progressive society

Democratic leaders can’t rely on others to educate the public about Republican radicalization

Americans will not understand that the GOP has embraced violence until President Biden and other Democrats tell them

The GOP is going to replay its 2021 campaign strategy, will Democrats be ready?

Despite four years of the Trump presidency, many Democratic leaders have yet to understand how radical the GOP has become


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