Jonah Bennett

Jonah Bennett is a consultant and former editor-in-chief of Palladium Magazine, a non-partisan, long-form publication aimed at exploring the future of liberalism, governance, and society, through careful political analysis and journalism.

After four years in national security journalism and a brief interlude at a think tank, he co-founded Palladium with Wolf Tivy in September 2018, as a response to the dearth of responsible, high-quality work in the media landscape. Palladium has sent journalists all over the world: from Xinjiang, to Hungary, Venezuela, Columbia, Paris, Istanbul, Davos, and more. Palladium’s work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Foreign Policy, Tech Crunch, The Week, Inside Higher Ed, and BuzzFeed News, among other publications. Jonah is also a graduate student in international relations and focuses primarily on democratic peace theory, political theory, liberalism, and ethnic conflict. When he’s not editing or working on his thesis, he enjoys experimental philosophy and advises several companies on the side.


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