Kerry Eleveld

Kerry Eleveld is a writer at Daily Kos, co-host of The Brief podcast, and author of Don't Tell Me To Wait: How the fight for LGBT rights transformed Obama’s presidency


Content by Kerry Eleveld

Trump plots October surprise for September

GOP extremism on abortion opens new lane for Democrats in November

New polls show fall of Roe disrupting the midterms

Biden: What are Republicans for? McConnell: No comment

After taking GOP obstruction for granted in his first year, the president is finally asking Republicans to discuss their unpopular policies

GOP members of Congress keep trying to take credit for pandemic relief they voted against

Democrats passed nearly $2 trillion in aide to states and businesses, are they letting Republicans take the credit for it?

Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin cozies up to conspiracist groups, hopes voters don’t notice

Trump’s sore-loser election lies are tearing up the Republican Party from the inside

GOP leaders had a chance to discard Trump like other failed presidents, instead he’s promoting toxic candidates they oppose

As GOP politicians pander to conspiracy theories, Biden makes a play for the vaccinated majority

President takes a tough line on vaccine refusers hindering Covid-19 recovery efforts

Attacking masks and Anthony Fauci seems to be a key component in the 2022 GOP campaign strategy

GOP elites seem to be gambling that promoting Covid policies unpopular with the public will rev up its anti-government base

Capitol Police officers provide gripping testimony of ‘terrorist’ attack in first January 6 hearing

Validated voter study shows Democratic gains among young new voters, white men helped Biden in 2020

Pew study found that new voters under 30 overwhelmingly chose Biden while new voters older than 30 were evenly split

Arizona Democrats are becoming increasingly frustrated by Kyrsten Sinema

As national Democrats grow weary with her for enabling GOP obstruction, new polls suggest Sinema has become less popular locally

Post-Trump, the GOP has seemingly lost the ability to discuss policy

Biden’s more expansive role for government is a direct response to public sentiment

For some time, polls have shown that Americans have wanted government to do more, the new president is fulfilling this request



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