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Attacking trans people has become the centerpiece of Republican electioneering

The Blaze finally canned Elijah Schaffer—what took so long?

Far-right congressional candidate Laura Loomer predictably refuses to concede

Fallout: How Trump’s Big Lie is threatening the future of elections

Steve Bannon convicted in contempt of Congress trial

What we learned from day 7 of the Jan. 6 hearings

From civil war threats to storming the Capitol: How Oath Keepers plotted to keep Trump in power

After Roe’s reversal, far-right activists call for explicit Christian supremacism

Unsuccessful attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson are a sign of political smears to come

Propaganda websites helped merge far-right conspiracy theories about imaginary child abuse into a narrative that served the GOP elite

Turning Point USA’s ‘America Fest’ conference blends concerts with Christian nationalism and political activism

GOP donors are spending massively on parties to keep Republican-leaning young people engaged and indoctrinated

Right-wing pundits are glorifying accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse

Extremist and establishment Republican commentators are doing more than just defend the accused murderer, they are lionizing him

Texas abortion bill inspired by radical Christianist activist Janet Porter

After decades on the fringe of Republican politics, the far-right former birther has become an inspiration for many states’ anti-abortion laws

Analysis: Russian state-owned media outlets published thousands of articles promoting QAnon talking points

Media outlets directly owned or operated by Russian agencies have been spreading QAnon themes to gullible Americans

Infowars host turns to Christian crowdfunding website after facing charges related to Jan. 6 Capitol attack

After being booted from GoFundMe, Owen Shroyer raised over $200,000 via GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site used by accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse

Inside the far-right demonization campaign against transgender athletes

Anti-LGBT groups are targeting trans women and girls in a desperate attempt to attract moderates to their Christian nationalist political coalition

‘Stop the Steal’ lead organizer says he’ll restart rallies, eliminate free press

Ali Alexander, lead organizer of the infamous pro-Trump rallies, says he’s going to start doing them again, abolish the media, and build a separate society for Trump supporters.


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