Laura Clawson


Content by Laura Clawson

Amazon loses $8 billion a year because it treats workers too badly to keep them on the job

Student loan payments are set to resume Aug. 31, if Biden doesn’t extend the pause

Texas Republican politics ‘is a Russian-style oligarchy, pure and simple’

The wave of book-banning is driving some librarians out of the profession

Polls: Republican voters actually just want to ban teaching about racism

Virginia Democrats were blind-sided because they failed to realize the full extent of the Virginia GOP’s propaganda

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott falsely accuses state schools of providing ‘pornography’ to students

Trying to boost his credentials with far-right Christians, Texas’s governor is trying to ban LGBT authors from schools

GOP lawmakers keep trying to take credit for economic stimulus bills they opposed

Republican members of Congress opposed economic stimulus spending but they also are gleefully announcing it to their constituents

Fox News is trying to turn the Capitol invaders into heroes

The right’s lies about the 2020 election are leading it toward defending the 1/6 insurrection


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