Mark Sumner

Mark Sumner is the author of the nonfiction work "The Evolution of Everything" as well as several novels including "Devil's Tower."


Content by Mark Sumner

‘Conservative’ now just means ‘hates America’ and CPAC made that brutally clear

Vladimir Putin is putting all the steps in place to deploy a nuclear weapon in Ukraine

What started with the murder of one woman has turned into protests that threaten to overturn Iran

Trump declares that he can’t be indicted, and warns of ‘big problems’ if anyone tries

Intelligence agencies fear that Trump has been leaking information on U.S. spies overseas

Indicting Mark Meadows for contempt of Congress is not a political act

Only the current president should have control over assertions of executive privilege, saying otherwise is a political act

Trump loyalists systematically purging the few Republicans who won’t commit to steal elections

Governors, senators, and representatives finding themselves facing primary opponents—or a sudden lack of donors—when they run afoul of Trump

Newly released documents show how former Trump administration stifled scientists on coronavirus

Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis finds Trump officials blocked government officials from giving health briefings, censored recommendations

Retail CEOs weakened the supply chain to boost profits, now we’re all facing the consequences

For years, retailers have been operating with almost no inventory or staff to spare, in the name of phantom profits

Brazil’s Bolsonaro is replaying Donald Trump’s insurrection playbook

Former Trump staffers are advising Jair Bolsonaro on how to whip up false fears about election fraud while his supporters threaten violence

Ivermectin isn’t being ‘suppressed’ as a Covid-19 treatment, it’s being investigated, because that’s how science works

Desperate for a cheap Covid-19 cure, many people have prematurely latched onto a drug that’s only been proven as a treatment for tapeworms and other parasites

As Covid cases continue spiking, GOP governors are punishing local officials who disagree

Hospitals are filling up with Covid patients across multiple Republican-dominated states as local leaders refuse to change

Republican elites loved Covid-19 vaccines until Joe Biden became president

GOP officials used to advocated for public vaccinations, now they spread lies about them

U.S. Catholic bishops seek revenge on Joe Biden and other Catholics who support abortion rights

Americans keep leaving organized religion, and far-right church leaders are encouraging them through exclusionary and hypocritical practices

Many Republicans don’t want to get vaccinated, journalists shouldn’t avoid saying this

Refusing to name source of vaccine hesitancy doesn’t make reporting non-partisan, it makes it wrong

Covid-19 cases are down significantly, but not among the unvaccinated

Transmission of the SARS2 coronavirus is down significantly, but the disease is still running rampant among people who are not vaccinated against it

The Department of Justice sued an imaginary cow, but it’s no laughing matter

Conspiracy-promoting congressman Devin Nunes appears to have enlisted the federal government to help him discover the identities of people ridiculing him on the internet



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