Nadra Nittle

Nadra Nittle covers education for The 19th. She was previously a senior reporter for Civil Eats and a staff reporter for Vox Media and the Long Beach Press-Telegram, where she covered K-12 education. She has a master’s degree in teaching, and her writing has also appeared in publications including The Guardian, Business Insider, The Atlantic, BBC News, NBC News and EdSource.


Content by Nadra Nittle

The racist L.A. City Council tape wasn’t a surprise to this Black Angeleno

Students and scholars — from Tehran to Los Angeles — want justice after Mahsa Amini’s death

To contain monkeypox, colleges must step up outreach to LGBTQ+ students, experts say

Los Angeles has never elected a woman mayor, but Karen Bass hopes to change that

Women — particularly women of color — stand to benefit most from Biden’s student loan relief plan

What is ‘soft’ censorship? When school districts don’t ban books, they still limit student access

The national teacher shortage is growing—in Florida, controversial laws are making it worse

LGBTQ+ students face disproportionately high rates of discipline in schools, research shows

Remote instruction is back in some areas, even as the digital divide never disappeared

School districts have stocked up on computers but broadband access remains a problem as a Covid surge sends some systems remote


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