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Eric Boehlert

I’m a veteran media critic who has been monitoring right-wing misinformation for years, first as a staff writer for Salon, for ten years as a senior fellow at Media Matters for America, and most recently as a media critic at Daily Kos. (In my previous life professionally, I wrote about the music industry as a staff writer at Billboard and Rolling Stone. )

I’ve documented how GOP propaganda infects the so-called liberal media culture inside the Beltway, which thrives on false equivalencies while normalizing atrocious Republican behavior.

To date, I’ve written three books, including Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over For Bush, and Bloggers on the Bus: How The Internet Changed Politics and the Press.

A frequent cable news commentator, I’ve made hundreds of television appearances discussing the media, and have been quoted in dozens of publications, including BuzzFeed, the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. I’m also a Twitter thorn in the side of the D.C. press.