I’m not going to belabor this point here. I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words on the topic, I helped create Media Matters for America because of it, and many people far more notable and influential than I am have written and spoken at great length about it for a very long time. You can find plenty if you’re interested. I will simply say that although progressives and Democrats have not been as vocal in countering the false right-wing narrative about the news media as they should have been (to say nothing of advancing their own, accurate narrative), the basic concept that Right-wing attacks on the “liberal media” are inaccurate, insincere, and have succeeded in tilting the media playing field in their favor is (or should be) well-known to any competent professional participant in American politics and media. And yet this perspective is typically (and infuriatingly) absent from, for example, media coverage of Right-wing complaints about the media.