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Low-quality pundits are getting rich telling people what they want to hear, inside the economics and psychology of how it works


‘Decoding the Gurus’ co-host Matthew Browne on how the tools of acquiring knowledge are being used to destroy it

Right-wing comedy isn’t funny, but it sure is effective


Authors Matt Sienkiewicz and Nick Marx discuss their new book about why lefties need to take right-wing comedy seriously

The far right is trying to re-brand American Christianity, will Christians who disagree stand against it?


Singer and podcaster Malynda Hale talks about why progressive and moderate Christians need to defend the faith from within

How Pentecostal Christianity is taking over the world of religion, and why it matters


Author Elle Hardy discusses her book about the history of Pentecostalism and how it’s displacing other faiths across the globe

Latino evangelicals are reshaping American politics, politicians and parties should take notice


Sociology professor Gerardo Martí discusses how the rapid growth of evangelical faith among Latinos seems to be eroding a traditional Democratic constituency

How far-right media manipulated a father — and a nation


Jen Senko discusses her book and film, ‘The Brainwashing of My Dad,’ and how to help people escape from conspiracist media

Centrist elites have stalled political change and made room for the reactionary right


Luke Savage discusses his new book, ‘The Dead Center: Reflections on Liberalism and Democracy After The End Of History’

How much do political party elites know about their own voters?


Pollster and demographer Daniel Cox discusses why cultural issues often dominate U.S. politics, and how much surveys can actually tell us about public opinion

Do Joe Biden and his team realize who they’re dealing with?

By columnist Heather Digby Parton discusses how Democratic leaders seem to think flowery speeches are sufficient against hardcore reactionaries

The January 6th Capitol attack was the inevitable product of the Christian Right’s hatred of America


Journalist and researcher Bruce Wilson discusses how religious hatred for a ‘fallen nation’ fueled a presidential coup attempt


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