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We’ll never know how many people are dead because of Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda


Fearful of far-right competitors, the Fox honcho decided to redouble the toxic lies about Covid-19

FDA authorizes Pfizer Covid-19 for emergency use in children between 5 and 11


Young children should receive one-third of the adult dose in two vaccinations administered three weeks apart, agency says

Biden administration says it will take steps to protect schools from GOP governors who ban Covid safety procedures


Education Department says it will use federal relief funds to fill offsets caused by state governments and also pursue civil rights investigations on behalf of students

As childhood Covid vaccinations roll out, a sizable minority of young mothers are remaining skeptical


Women are more likely to get vaccinated for Covid themselves, but when it comes to their kids, a significant minority have reservations

Public schools can legally require Covid-19 vaccinations, but how big will the loopholes be?


All states require public school students to have vaccines against other diseases, but will they be as willing to make exceptions for parents who refuse?


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