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Conservative evangelicals claim to believe in absolute truth and love, but it’s just the opposite


How fundamentalist Christians understand truth and love rhetorically often does not match with how it works out in practice

Want to ‘do your own research’ on vaccines or anything else? First realize what research actually means


In order to credibly dispute the conclusions of experts, you have to be one yourself

The trust paradox: We learn more when we trust more, even when we’re wrong


It’s easy to see downsides of misplaced trust, it’s much more difficult to see how we could have benefited by believing in others

Liberalism bereft of moral pragmatism will never convince its critics


Realizing that there is no common ground in philosophy is the first step in finding it politically

We often speak of what we believe, but we rarely contemplate the origins of our ideas


While it can be a difficult question, figuring out where our ideas came from is an important one to ask

Joe Rogan and our epidemic of pseudo-expertise


Infotainment fandoms have convinced millions of people that blathering internet commentators are experts at everything


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