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Newspapers’ lawsuit against Facebook and Google shows courts may be best for reining in tech abuses


An online ad marketplace stripped of surveillance can thrive, but it will not happen without government intervention

Former Trump administration tried to use federal ad spending to retaliate against fact-checking


Trump planned to leverage more than $117 million worth of government online advertising to stop platforms from fact-checking or otherwise moderating his speech

U.S. tech giants evaded $150 billion in global taxes, new report finds


Global tax avoidance laws are a mess and as a result, companies can evade paying what they owe to multiple countries

What the AT&T breakup can teach us about the tech monopolies of today


When the US Department of Justice broke up AT&T, it traded one national monopoly for a set of regional monopolies. Over time, Congress learned that it wasn’t enough. Today, we are facing a similar challenge. Potential breakups of Google and Facebook will only be step one.


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