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Hacked data exposes how deeply ‘patriot’ extremism has penetrated the mainstream


Examinations of hacked records show scores of people used work emails to join extremist Oath Keepers group

Hacked data: Police officers sought to join extremist Oath Keepers group after Jan. 6 insurrection


Active-duty law enforcement officers sought out extremist paramilitary group after failed Trump coup attempt

I used to think facial recognition in policing was no big deal — until I was wrongfully arrested because of it


Facial recognition software isn’t reliable and often enables racism

At least 15 police officers joined the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion


U.S. law enforcement agencies have been incubating far-right extremists in their ranks rather than rooting them out

The FBI’s intelligence failures ahead of Jan. 6 are part of a broader pattern of downplaying right-wing extremism


U.S. law enforcement agencies have a troubling history of minimizing the threat posed by far-right groups


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