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We’ll never know how many people are dead because of Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda


Fearful of far-right competitors, the Fox honcho decided to redouble the toxic lies about Covid-19

As Covid infections in GOP areas rise, the danger of disinformation has become undeniable


Many political centrists have long dismissed right-wing media as an irrelevant joke, coronavirus is exposing their error

Cable subscribers are being forced to subsidize Fox News, even if they don’t watch it


Hateful hosts like Tucker Carlson alienated advertisers, but it hasn’t harmed FNC’s bottom line

Australia’s leaders are finally speaking out against Rupert Murdoch’s lies, when will America’s?


After decades under the thumb of Murdoch media, some of Australia’s leaders are finally declaring independence

Cutting deals with tech monopolies won’t save journalism


We need strong public-media laws that prioritize a free press, civic-minded news production and the interests of the communities news outlets are supposed to serve.


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