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Unveiled as trans: My journey out of the closet and evangelicalism


My faith denied that I existed, even as others were willing to accompany me on my journey

How long can the white evangelical Trump romance last?


Historian John Fea speaks out on the relationship between Trump and his Christian Right fans and whether it will harm their ability to gain converts

Some young evangelicals are breaking from their parents on moral questions


White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars

Southern Baptists have focused on political controversies more than religion at conferences


From abortion and porn to women and race: How Southern Baptist Convention resolutions have evolved

Russell Moore had a crisis of faith, but it didn’t help him understand ex-evangelicals


Evangelical leaders have finally started speaking about people who leave the fold, but it’s clear that they don’t understand what they’re talking about

Why do Republican elites keep talking about dying for Jesus?


Fighting losing battles valiantly has always been at the core of U.S. conservatism. But as the losses keep piling up, its tragic sense is turning into thanatos.


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