Sex workers, people who earn a living as escorts or adult entertainers, are some of the most visible people in media nowadays.

According to the web traffic stats company SimilarWeb, three of the top 15 websites in the world are pornographic video services. And yet, despite how popular porn has become, a lot of us don’t know much about the people who work in the industry. That’s unfortunate, because a lot of them have very interesting stories to tell.

That’s why I was pleased when I learned about the new memoir of Tasha Reign, a long-time adult performer whose book, From Princess to Porn Star, A Real-Life Cinderella Story, is filled with all kinds of entertaining stories and also deep thoughts about the status of women in society, the importance of consent, and the way that sex workers provide intimacy for people who might not otherwise have any. Porn is far from perfect, but the caricature that’s often painted of the people work within it is far from accurate.

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