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Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court should roll back all privacy rights


‘In future cases, we should reconsider all of the Court’s substantive due process precedents,’ right-wing justice wrote

Anti-LGBT groups promoting ‘conversion therapy’ programs using gender fluidity language to promote them


Fundamentalist religious groups are trying to rebrand after many of their former leaders have resigned from trying to change people’s sexual identities

Society is still judging women who have casual sex


New research finds that regardless of their religious views, people are more likely to condemn women having casual sex than men

‘Leaving to sin’ is more about evangelicals’ obsessions than the desires of those who leave


People who leave high-demand religions do so for many reasons, it’s very telling that their critics think it’s all about sex

More women acknowledging bisexual identities as social tolerance has increased


Over the past decade, fewer college-age women report their attraction as exclusively to members of the other sex


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