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Barry Goldwater’s critics saw today’s Republican extremism in 1964


The conspiracism, Christian nationalism, and pandering to racists we see today in the GOP was brought into the party long before Trump

What is critical race theory? It’s an effort to find the full story of history


Republican activists are deliberately lying about a collegiate historical and legal research programs in an effort to get votes

‘Leaving to sin’ is more about evangelicals’ obsessions than the desires of those who leave


People who leave high-demand religions do so for many reasons, it’s very telling that their critics think it’s all about sex

Women used to dominate the beer industry – until the witch accusations started pouring in


Up until the 1500s, brewing was primarily women’s work until the women doing the bewing were accused of being witches. In fact, the imagery we associate with witches today, from the pointy hat to the broom, emerged from their connection to female brewers.

Past medical abuses are making Black Americans less trusting of COVID vaccinations


Black Americans were victimized by unethical medical researchers, policymakers must work to overcome this history to protect the public.


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