Kyle Mantyla


Content by Kyle Mantyla

With Roe’s end in sight, anti-abortion extremists fantasize about executions and civil war

2020 Republican National Committee featured speaker and far-right podcaster call on GOP governors to execute people involved in abortions

False prophets preaching fake news: A year into Biden’s presidency, far-right ‘prophets’ haven’t admitted error

Instead of admitting their supposed revelations were wrong, a host of extremist Christian leaders have made belief in Trump’s election lies an article of faith

Initially ‘proud’ of Capitol attack, some far-right media figures switched to blaming leftists to align with leaders

Texas GOP activist says Second Amendment gives right to own nuclear weapons

Pro-gun absolutism reaches its inevitable conclusion

Christians must push for voting restrictions to ‘prepare the way’ for Trump’s return, far-right pastor says

A Mississippi pastor has declared that conservative Christians must press states to make voting harder and more restrictive so that another election can’t be “stolen.” Is Christianity incompatible with democracy?


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