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Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager continue to fail high school history class

Christian nationalist Mark Robinson believes God called him to be NC governor for the good of the nation

Charlie Kirk makes multiple historically and biblically baseless claims to justify his Christian nationalism

Nick Fuentes vows to raise up an ‘army of soldiers’ to take over government

GOP candidate Leon Benjamin declares ‘God’s about to send people like me’ to Congress

Christian nationalist and Seven Mountain dominionist Lance Wallnau to speak at fundraiser for Doug Mastriano

14 Bible verses: How David Barton misuses history and Scripture for political purposes

‘This is an evil country’: Christian fascist Nick Fuentes fumes over Biden speech

‘Their failure to consider the Bible relevant’: Debunking Christian nationalists’ favorite claim about the Founding era

‘Once we take control’: Far-right broadcaster lays out his Christian fascist agenda

Florida lawmaker demands state police ‘physically prevent’ federal law enforcement from investigating or arresting Trump

Conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Eric Metaxas call for retaliatory raids on liberal groups

Michael Flynn teams up with radical far-right activist John Guandolo

Gab founder: ‘This is an explicitly Christian movement because this is an explicitly Christian country’

With Roe’s end in sight, anti-abortion extremists fantasize about executions and civil war

2020 Republican National Committee featured speaker and far-right podcaster call on GOP governors to execute people involved in abortions

False prophets preaching fake news: A year into Biden’s presidency, far-right ‘prophets’ haven’t admitted error

Instead of admitting their supposed revelations were wrong, a host of extremist Christian leaders have made belief in Trump’s election lies an article of faith

Initially ‘proud’ of Capitol attack, some far-right media figures switched to blaming leftists to align with leaders

Texas GOP activist says Second Amendment gives right to own nuclear weapons

Pro-gun absolutism reaches its inevitable conclusion

Christians must push for voting restrictions to ‘prepare the way’ for Trump’s return, far-right pastor says

A Mississippi pastor has declared that conservative Christians must press states to make voting harder and more restrictive so that another election can’t be “stolen.” Is Christianity incompatible with democracy?


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