Right-wing commentator and youth organizer Charlie Kirk appeared Thursday on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” where he called on Republican state attorneys general to launch raids on hundreds of liberal organizations without legal justification in retaliation for the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this week.

Kirk, the Christian nationalist founder of Turning Point USA, declared that GOP attorneys general don’t even need to bother providing a legal pretext or worry about actually arresting people because the raids are simply political payback to show Democrats that “there’s a price” for daring to investigate Trump.

“Raids must be met with raids,” Kirk declared. “State attorney generals that are Republican have to authorize raids against Soros groups, BLM, Planned Parenthood, the alphabet mafia, groomers, the chemical castration of children now! Here’s why—a hundred facilities should be raided by next week. Find them. You try to tell me there’s not 100 criminal organizations that are aiding and abetting people across the southern border? La Raza; we know them, they publicized it. I’m not saying you have to arrest them. Just raid them. Find out what you find. Why? That will all of a sudden make [liberal groups] and their internal chatters—’Guys, you were so stupid. You raided Trump, now they’re coming after us.’ Good! Now you know there’s a price to this.”

Metaxas, a Trump sycophant and adamant election conspiracy theorist, loved the idea, declaring that “true leadership” means doing radical things like carrying raids without any legal pretext, adding that such leaders will be judged favorably by history and by God.

“True leadership means doing things that some people will say, ‘Oh, you can’t do that.’ A leader makes that calculation and says, ‘I think I need to do this now, and history will judge me, God will judge me,’” Metaxas said. “Do what is needed, and let God judge you, and let history judge you. We need those kinds of leaders now. Because we are in a war, we need a wartime consigliere.”

Metaxas and Kirk then asserted that their Christian faith requires that such action be taken.

“Both of us are Christians, and we take our orders from Jesus,” Metaxas continued. “God gave us this nation. He gave us liberty, and he gave us the obligation to keep the Republic. We have an obligation. … If you don’t understand that there is a time to fight, there is a time to take dramatic action, and it is not only not a violation of our Christian faith; on the contrary, it is a manifestation of our faith.”

“It’s a matter of justice, which is God’s idea,” Kirk replied. “Our entire system is inspired by the Bible. It is based on God’s will and providence breathing into our life. And if we’re just going to kind of sit idly by and do nothing; this is what drives me nuts, though, Eric, is that only a pampered, comfortable, self-righteous, arrogant, weak, theologically questionable Christian generation could believe such a thing. Our grandfathers and our ancestors were Christian, and they knew if they had to fight evil, they did.”

Metaxas, who emceed a “prayer rally” on the National Mall at which Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes threatened bloody civil war if Trump did not use his role as commander in chief to hang onto power after losing the 2020 election, warned that anyone who opposes such measures will be judged by God

“If you are not angry about this, if you don’t want to do something about this, you’re part of the problem, folks,” Metaxas declared. “You are in bed with evil if you are not outraged at these things happening in the United States of America. If you just want business as usual to continue, you lack courage, and God will judge you, and history will judge you for this. There were many good Germans [in Nazi Germany] who did exactly this. They looked the other way when God would have said, ‘Please now look at what is happening. Please do a small thing now.’ They said, ‘I’m going to look the other way.’ You will regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t do something right now.”

As right-wing media and Republican politicians paint the raid as a deep state attack on the former president, threats against federal agents and the Justice Department have proliferated on pro-Trump social media, with one man taking his threat offline and attacking on an FBI office in Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday.