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Prosecutors: Capitol attackers stockpiled guns and supplies as part of siege plot


Trial evidence shows radical Oath Keepers group plotted to keep attacking Capitol even after Jan. 6

Military background among far-right extremist criminals has exploded since 2017, study finds


Nearly one in five of the 700-plus people under indictment for their actions on Jan. 6 have military backgrounds, echoing a phenomenon of extremist recruitment from the ranks of veterans by groups like the Oath Keepers

Hacked data exposes how deeply ‘patriot’ extremism has penetrated the mainstream


Examinations of hacked records show scores of people used work emails to join extremist Oath Keepers group

Hacked data: Police officers sought to join extremist Oath Keepers group after Jan. 6 insurrection


Active-duty law enforcement officers sought out extremist paramilitary group after failed Trump coup attempt

At least 15 police officers joined the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion


U.S. law enforcement agencies have been incubating far-right extremists in their ranks rather than rooting them out

Far-right groups becoming more radical after Capitol attack


Some members have left extremist groups in the wake of the Jan. 6 violence. Those who remain, and the new members who have joined are becoming more violent than ever.


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