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After battling white nationalist hecklers, GOP youth group has decided to invite them in


Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA signals its surrender to white nationalist ‘groypers’ by embracing them

Charlie Kirk audience member asking ‘when do we get to use the guns’ shows where GOP rhetoric leads


Decades of Republican rhetoric about ‘tyranny’ and ‘revolution’ have taught GOP voters that violence is not just tolerable, it is necessary

Charlie Kirk and Christian nationalist college team up for new propaganda campaign


Conservatives believe that America was divinely created, and they want schools to teach this

Charlie Kirk wants to save America in the name of Republican Jesus


After pushing a secular, libertarian-oriented worldview, the Turning Point USA founder has decided to get in on the God business

Inside the disinformation machine: How far-right media brainwash millions daily


Christian fundamentalists have quietly built massive propaganda empires that most Americans have never even heard of

Charlie Kirk and other young conservatives are increasingly embracing identity politics


Once a proponent of traditional libertarian dogma about free markets, Kirk is trying to expand Trump’s identity approach


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