Christian musician turned right-wing political activist Sean Feucht continues to travel across the country with his “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour, which is a joint project he launched with right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA to bring Feucht’s mix of worship and hard-right politics to every state capitol in the nation.

Feucht is a self-proclaimed Christian nationalist and, as he has done in previous tour stops, used an event last Friday in Madison, Wisconsin, to lift up local politicians who share his far-right views.

Christian nationalists believe the U.S. and state governments should operate and legislate according to their interpretation of the Bible, and that only Christians who share their political and religious worldview should control the reins of power. While many right-wing activists seek to downplay or obfuscate their Christian nationalist agenda, Feucht has been very open about his intentions, reiterating his desire to see “God in control of the government” while standing outside the Wisconsin state capitol.


Later in the worship service, Republican state Rep. Chuck Wichgers appeared on stage, where he praised those who had gathered to pray for helping him fight the “demons” at work within the capitol.

“When it comes to this building, there’s demons in those walls,” Wichgers told the crowd. “The only way they go away is by this [prayer]. That’s the only way. And when you’re not here, those demons are laughing at you for not being here. They’re saying, ‘Go away, we’ll give you the laws that you want, we’ll violate the 10 Commandments, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you guys think you’re happy.’”

“Mental disease is on the rise,” he continued. “It has proliferated this nation. It’s the number one issue in the state of Wisconsin and in this country. How did it get that bad that fast? Godless laws that Republicans and Democrats are giving you because that’s what you wanted as a society.”


Two days later, Feucht brought his tour directly into the state capitol of Indiana, thanks to the assistance of Indiana Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch., After Crouch spoke briefly to the crowd, she was prayed over by Feucht, who promised that she would be “filled with favor” for orchestrating the prayer gathering inside the capitol.

Kingdom to the Capitol - Indianapolis, Indiana