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Does lots of screen time harm your mental health? Unfortunately, we don’t know yet


Most studies claiming computer use can harm people are based on unreliable, self-reported data

Britney Spears isn’t the only person whose civil rights have been harmed by conservatorships


Too often people with disabilities are stripped of virtually all of their civil rights through guardianships and conservatorships

Female pop stars were expected to bare their skin, but today’s are baring their souls


Pop performers are talking about their personal trauma more than ever, but is the music industry exploiting them rather than helping them?

Technology has isolated us, how can we come back together?


The world’s best minds and machines are trying to keep us glued to our phones and away from each other, it’s time for technologists to go the opposite direction

Russell Moore had a crisis of faith, but it didn’t help him understand ex-evangelicals


Evangelical leaders have finally started speaking about people who leave the fold, but it’s clear that they don’t understand what they’re talking about


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