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I never thought ‘New Atheism’ would become a tool of the Christian Right


After leaving religion, I learned that some atheists were more interested in opposing Islam than standing for pluralism

Twenty years after 9/11, Islamist terrorist groups are having recruitment problems


In 2014, the Islamic State group could draw crowds of supporters to rallies in Iraq. But finding fighting recruits has become much more difficult

‘We Are Lady Parts’ portrays Muslim women as they are, not as others see them


Finally a television program that shows the struggle Muslim women face between bigoted Western right-wingers and intracultural misogyny

I’m childfree by choice, it shouldn’t be taboo to say that


Not having children with my ex-husband was the biggest relief of my life

Afghan women fear loss of rights as negotiations with Taliban begin


After years of progress in education and personal freedom, women in Afghanistan fear political return of Taliban


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