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Biden: What are Republicans for? McConnell: No comment


After taking GOP obstruction for granted in his first year, the president is finally asking Republicans to discuss their unpopular policies

Mitch McConnell: ‘I don’t think it serves any particular purpose’ to counter anti-vaccine lies


Senate Republican leader has repeatedly stated he believes vaccines are safe and helpful, but he refuses to stop his colleagues from spreading lies about them

Republicans are banking on a fusion of Trump autocracy and McConnell nihilism, but will it work for them?


As conservative elites have embraced a strategy of culture war manipulation, the rest of America is finally understanding how to respond

The Senate filibuster hasn’t just stopped progressive legislation, it’s also radicalized Republicans


Mitch McConnell’s filibuster abuses have enabled the GOP to avoid electoral consequences for its unpopular policies, and skewed the center of U.S. politics to the right

Minority rules: Senate GOP hasn’t represented a majority of voters since 1998


GOP presidential candidates keep losing the presidential popular vote but Senate Republicans have an even worse record at representing the people.


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