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Facebook leaks detail damage the company does, but also suggest some ways to possibly lessen it


A first step toward making social media better is to have governments impose effective safety measures Facebook rejected

Whistleblower confirms: Facebook deliberately chose to promote violent and hateful content


Facebook suppressed internal research that showed harmful effects of its products

Trump’s blog failure reminds us of the power of platforms, and their owners’ responsibilities


The ex-president’s rudimentary blog was a total failure, and provided a larger lesson in media.

Technology has isolated us, how can we come back together?


The world’s best minds and machines are trying to keep us glued to our phones and away from each other, it’s time for technologists to go the opposite direction

Conspiracism and conservatism


Disinformation and conspiracy theories have always been around, what’s different now is that American conservatism has rebuilt itself on disbelieving reality.


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