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Donald Trump and the cult of the recount


Desperate belief that the one-term president really didn’t lose in 2020 is morphing into its own quasi-religion

CEO of company hired by Arizona Republicans touts fake audit’s Christian nationalism


Doug Logan boasts of unofficial recount workers changing religions, warns Americans to ‘turn away from their wicked ways’

Report of scandal-plagued fake recount effort in Arizona may be released this week


Election officials from both parties release separate rebuttal reports detailing extensive problems with Trump supporters’ attempts to cast doubt on ex-president’s loss

Arizona Democrats are becoming increasingly frustrated by Kyrsten Sinema


As national Democrats grow weary with her for enabling GOP obstruction, new polls suggest Sinema has become less popular locally

Arizona Republicans are engaging in fraud, not conducting an ‘audit’


Donald Trump’s most rabid supporters in other states are drawing inspiration from the Arizona GOP’s dishonesty

Kyrsten Sinema knows what she’s doing, does anyone else?


The Arizona senator doesn’t explain herself often, but her autobiography suggests she has a method to her actions


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