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Giant media companies are complicit in presenting religious extremism as harmless


Media companies like TLC keep helping far-right Christian groups present sanitized images of themselves to the public

Some evangelicals are dropping the label as they try to escape the tradition they created


Donald Trump didn’t ‘ruin’ evangelicalism, it’s always been problematic

Far-right evangelicals excused sexual abuse long before Donald Trump


Decades of history show that American evangelicals’ misogynistic doctrines enabled powerful men to mistreat women, often with little consequences

Charlie Kirk wants to save America in the name of Republican Jesus


After pushing a secular, libertarian-oriented worldview, the Turning Point USA founder has decided to get in on the God business

Trump is long gone from the White House, but QAnon is still going


Instead of collapsing after Joe Biden became president, the QAnon movement has shifted to other topics, particularly opposing vaccines

Russell Moore had a crisis of faith, but it didn’t help him understand ex-evangelicals


Evangelical leaders have finally started speaking about people who leave the fold, but it’s clear that they don’t understand what they’re talking about


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