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Barry Goldwater’s critics saw today’s Republican extremism in 1964


The conspiracism, Christian nationalism, and pandering to racists we see today in the GOP was brought into the party long before Trump

‘Spy’ couple leveraged big donations to spy on politicians opposed by far-right


New York Times report raises questions about whether far-right activists used illegal funds to make donations to politicians they opposed

The Senate filibuster hasn’t just stopped progressive legislation, it’s also radicalized Republicans


Mitch McConnell’s filibuster abuses have enabled the GOP to avoid electoral consequences for its unpopular policies, and skewed the center of U.S. politics to the right

Obsessed with DC, elite media mostly ignored state-based abortion restrictions


National journalists have given very little coverage of well-funded and successful efforts to restrict abortion access in various states

Supreme Court review of Mississippi abortion law is culmination of right-wing group’s years-long plan


Christian supremacist activists at Alliance Defending Freedom boasted of designing abortion restriction laws for multiple states

Rick Santorum and CNN’s long history of hiring bigoted and dishonest commentators


While some CNN employees have rightfully begun to call out far-right dishonesty, the network has a long history of enabling shady pundits


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