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Trump loyalists systematically purging the few Republicans who won’t commit to steal elections


Governors, senators, and representatives finding themselves facing primary opponents—or a sudden lack of donors—when they run afoul of Trump

How ranked-choice voting can help make politics more about building coalitions than riling up superfans


Election voting systems aren’t exciting topics, but the right ones can actually help make politics more inclusive and less divisive

Joe Biden says the need for election law reform is serious, but where are his actions?


Extraordinary pressure from the president was necessary for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, has Biden learned from LBJ?

Afraid of losing his reelection bid, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro echoes Trump’s bogus ‘voter fraud’ accusations


Brazil’s far-right president accused of trying to ‘manipulate public opinion with false accusations’

Voter fraud is not a serious problem, despite myths propagated by GOP activists


Conservative elites have manufactured hysteria around a problem that doesn’t exist in order to promote voter restrictions they think will benefit Republicans


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