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European regulator delivers ‘reality check’ to Elon Musk after Twitter purchase


Top official reminds world’s richest person that his new Twitter toy still must comply with content moderation laws

Twitter study finds social platform favors right-leaning content over left-leaning content


Contrary to the GOP victim narrative, Twitter’s own research shows that right-wing content gets amplified more on its platform

Former Trump administration tried to use federal ad spending to retaliate against fact-checking


Trump planned to leverage more than $117 million worth of government online advertising to stop platforms from fact-checking or otherwise moderating his speech

Trump’s blog failure reminds us of the power of platforms, and their owners’ responsibilities


The ex-president’s rudimentary blog was a total failure, and provided a larger lesson in media.

The Department of Justice sued an imaginary cow, but it’s no laughing matter


Conspiracy-promoting congressman Devin Nunes appears to have enlisted the federal government to help him discover the identities of people ridiculing him on the internet


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