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To protect abortion rights, we need to start talking about miscarriage


Women who have miscarried know first-hand that a pre-term fetus is not a baby, we must use our voices and our standing as mothers to protect abortion access

We’re finally talking about the disparate uniform rules for female and male Olympians


Women athletes are finally speaking out about the double-standards the sports world places on them

Southern Baptist women are still fighting for priesthood ordination


Some large churches in the convention have started ordaining women as pastors even as the international body is refusing

Society is still judging women who have casual sex


New research finds that regardless of their religious views, people are more likely to condemn women having casual sex than men

How a new generation of lawmakers led by Black women revived the Equal Rights Amendment


First drafted in 1923, the Equal Rights Amendment has only recently been ratified by 38 states, the number needed to add it to the Constitution. A new generation of activists, often Black and queer, are putting in the work to make the ERA a reality.

The gender gap in economics is even worse than tech


Strong data suggests that economics is the worst field in which to be a woman, despite the much greater attention paid to other areas of STEM. The consequences of this aren’t felt only by the women who work in the field, but also in government policies which would likely look very different were more women involved in drafting them.


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