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GOP members of Congress keep trying to take credit for pandemic relief they voted against


Democrats passed nearly $2 trillion in aide to states and businesses, are they letting Republicans take the credit for it?

House Republicans try to block new IRS rule designed to track rich tax evaders


Congressional GOP has reduced IRS funding in bid to protect wealthy from audits

Joe Manchin seemingly admits he planned to double-cross Biden, congressional progressives


Conservative West Virginia Democrat claims he had secret agreement with Senate leaders to stop progressives from linking two budget bills

Top congressional Dems still optimistic they can ‘come together’ to pass infrastructure bills


Conservative Dems continue to demand spending less while progressives say they have compromised enough

Congressional Democrats divided over state and local tax deductions


Progressives oppose removing federal cap on state and local tax deductions, a rare progressive economic policy implemented by Donald Trump

Congressional Dems miss deadline to repeal last-minute Trump regulation changes


Congressional Republicans proved much more adept at overturning Obama-era regulation changes than Democrats have during Joe Biden’s first days in office


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