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Sanders calls on Democrats to divide spending bills into components to force GOP accountability


After failure of massive Build Back Better Act, Vermont senator advocates passing parts of it individually

GOP members of Congress keep trying to take credit for pandemic relief they voted against


Democrats passed nearly $2 trillion in aide to states and businesses, are they letting Republicans take the credit for it?

Americans have no idea what’s in the Build Back Better bill, because the media won’t tell them


Political journalists continue to focus on the costs of Biden’s domestic policy bill, instead of what it actually does

GOP lawmakers keep trying to take credit for economic stimulus bills they opposed


Republican members of Congress opposed economic stimulus spending but they also are gleefully announcing it to their constituents

Why didn’t states go broke during the coronavirus pandemic?


The predictions were for a massive downturn in state finances because of COVID-19 … but the predictions were wrong

Biden’s more expansive role for government is a direct response to public sentiment


For some time, polls have shown that Americans have wanted government to do more, the new president is fulfilling this request


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